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#269008 - 07/10/03 10:22 AM Re: A really hard day
Jon(MainStDevil) Offline

Registered: 04/05/02
Posts: 674
Loc: Vancouver WA
Graham, i am sorry to hear about your friends, it is hard to loose people you are friends with. Frog and I had a friend kill himself a couple of years ago. It was one of the hardest times our group of friends have ever gone through. Be strong brotha, it does get a lil easier with time, but not much.
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#269009 - 07/10/03 10:28 AM Re: A really hard day
AshyBear1983 Offline

Registered: 03/06/03
Posts: 1105
Loc: Florida
Originally posted by GabooN:
Originally posted by AshyBear1983:
Originally posted by GabooN:
i dont know..i think if you choose to be a cop you shouldnt be crooked, and if you are then dont be a cop. Its not as simple as that, i know, but i think that they have a responsibility..because if the ones that enforce the law are crooked, then what good is the law itself?
Who is to say this cop was being crooked though? If they had shot him in the leg, it may have brought him down, but it also would have given him the opportunity to fire back risking the cops life. We say the cop is crooked and how horrible it is simply because it happened to a friend of someone on the boards when no one knows really if the guy deserved it. The story probably isn't even being transferred right because we all know how reliable the media is...
oh i agree with you..i was only saying this stuff because someone mentioned crooked cops and how they are just like the rest of us, which i know, but i feel that they have a responsiblity to not 'be like the rest of us' at least while they are on the job.
Yeah I see what you're saying. I know I quoted you and all but I was really talking to everyone. I just hate it when a cop shoots someone and it's automatically a crooked cop. Well it usually is if the victim is a friend of someone the person knows. THen because they are friends with their friend it automatically makes them a good person and the cop a bad one.

#269010 - 07/10/03 11:18 AM Re: A really hard day
john lopez Offline

Registered: 01/15/02
Posts: 8021
Loc: Seattle, WA
Sorry Graham.

I think it's pathetic that we need cops in the first place.

Tribal cultures have never had cops. They weren't needed in the first place because they didn't deal with crime. The word "crime" wasn't even in their least until we showed up.

I know, I know. It's really hard for most people to understand such an amazingly simple fact...that crime is a relatively NEW phenomonon.

The fact is, crime isn't a part of "human nature" at all. Crime is a side effect of overcrowding, of the loss of cultural identity, of the loss of tribal laws. Laws handed down from generation to generation. Laws that worked for THAT tribe and no other. Laws that were as much a part of a Tribe as their language, their way of life, their identity, their customs and rituals.

Not written laws like we have now. Hammarabi! Whatever.
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#269011 - 07/10/03 12:30 PM Re: A really hard day
TJZ1100 Offline

Registered: 06/27/02
Posts: 4821
Loc: England, top right-ish.
Originally posted by Spudly Puddle Butt:
Originally posted by Narniacat:
people need to learn to shoot to wound and disable not to kill. mc5 do you lern to shoot to wound or to kill? any other policemen here to explain their training methods?
it has been my understanding, that if cops shoot, they shoot to kill...being that just wounding someone is too much of a legal liability for the officer.

t'is sad imho.

In cases where there is a percieved danger of a suspected gunman (gunperson?) being armed and in a public place and not in an 'open' situation then the police will shoot to kill. Where a gunperson is farting about in a public area attempting 'suicide by cop' they will employ sharp shooters to shoot the weapon out of the perps hand (I've seen it done and it works).

The difference is that your everyday cop is not a sharpshooter and is probably as scared as anyone else would be. The increasing number of gun related crimes being reported have an effect on us all. I guess you would have to talk to the individual officers to find out why they did what they did. With things like Columbine and the recently thwarted Matrix shootings becoming more prevalent I guess the shoot first, shit yourself later ethos is gonna prevail.

By the way, this is not an illustrative excuse, just a postulated reason.
Great minds think unalike, that's what makes them great. Sheep think alike, that's what makes them sheep!

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#269012 - 07/10/03 04:43 PM Re: A really hard day
Brooklyn Offline

Registered: 04/19/03
Posts: 57
Loc: Fargo and Grand Forks, ND
My boyfriend is a security guard and has done training and can carry a gun now. He's also going into criminal justice (though doesn't want to be a cop) and I've heard him say that if a situation gets to the point where a cop needs to fire his weapon then they have to shoot to kill. I don't know all the details or anything, so I may not be completely correct, but that's what I've heard him say.

#269013 - 07/10/03 06:29 PM Re: A really hard day
squeak Offline

Registered: 04/27/02
Posts: 2239
Loc: 2 feet deep in coffee grounds
Debate about the cops aside, I'm sorry to hear about your friends.
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