I'm so f-ing mad right now I cant find how to post a new topic, I just did some friggen advice on a septum peircing. I've never had one.

So heres my problem. I have a job where you can't have facial peircings at all. So I thought I could just get the septum done and flip it up in my nose. So i went to this first tatoo shop in my town and when i told him i had a job, he said i shouldn't get it. I asked him couldn't i flip it up in my nose and he said no i had to let it hang for 2 weeks before i messe with it, so i got a refund and didn't get it. when i got home i started researching septum peircings and found out i coulda got it peirced with a retainer, am i CORRECT? None of the tatto places aroudn her sell retainers, so I ordered a pack of septum rings with a horseshoe retainer like this [ online, and I went to this second tatoo place. I showed the peircer the retainer and he said there was no way he could peirce me and put that in for a "first ring" but i read online that plenty of people get their septum peirced with horseshoe retainers and I'm so mad because none of these tatoo shops are trying to work with me, I HAVE A F-ING JOB, i can't let it show!

I read that you can get it peirced with a retainer and keep it flipped up and it will be okay, i dont know what is wrong with the peircers around here.

My third plan is to take the bullet plug i ordered down there and see if he will peirce it with that.

and if that doesnt work out what am I supposed to do? I want my f-ing septum peirced but i also have to keep my job.

my last resort is to go ahead and get it peirced and then like wait a day and take it out and put the retainer in. do any of you think it wise?