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Wildcat Blackline Segment Ring (KSR)

Wildcat Blackline Segment Ring (KSR)
Blackline jewellery is manufactured using grade 23 titanium which is then coated using a PVD process. It is highly scratch resistant and certified biocompatible. Smooth Segment Rings are highly sophisticated pieces of jewellery. A removable curved segment acts as the closure mechanism; while it's continuous circular boundary makes it very smooth and comfortable to wear, and allowing it to be turned 360 degrees without any obstruction.
Gauge / Diameter:

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Body Jewelry - Blackline Segment Ring (KSR)
Blackline Segment Ring (KSR)
Item Details
Brand: Wildcat (Manufacturer Bio) Body Jewelry Brand - Wildcat
Material (Primary): Blackline (About Materials)
Material (Secondary): Blackline
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"COMFORTABLE!!! & easy"

Niki Smith on Monday, July 27, 2009 12:26:14 PM

Comments: Just got this one today and after wearing a captive (lip ring) for so long, it's a nice change. It's extremely comfortable for those who may not want a bead pushing on their lip or get tired of it rotating all over the place. Also looks pretty cool in the ears. Segment is very simple and easy to pop in and out of where near the trouble of getting a captive bead in and out. Great piece!! One more thing, it feels a bit bigger because of the lack of space being taken up by a bead.If you... More details


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