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Customer Reviews of Industrial Strength

Industrial Strength
Established in 1991, Industrial Strength is located in Richmond, CA. Since it’s inception in the early 1990s, Industrial Strength has been know as one of the world’s premiere body jewelry manufacturers, and has become one of the most nationally and internationally recognized developers of the body jewelry industry. Industrial Strength manufactures jewelry from the finest materials, including 316LVM F-138 implant grade stainless steel, AL4V ELIF-136 implant grade titanium, solid 18K gold, FDA approved acrylic, and biocompatible Pyrex. Through perseverance and adherence to a strict standard of quality, Industrial Strength produces a robust line of affordable body jewelry at the highest quality level. All Industrial Strength jewelry is internally threaded for comfort and ease of insertion, and ends are countersunk to achieve a functional and stylistically advanced finished product with a precise fit. Rings are annealed for easy opening and closure, and all Industrial Strength body jewelry is hand polished to a consistent high mirror finish. Aside from offering body jewelry of the highest quality materials, most uniform and shiny finish, and extreme consistency of color and pattern, Industrial Strength provides the pierced community with this jewelry for unbelievably reasonable prices. Manufacturing a full line of metallic and gemset jewelry, Industrial Strength produces some of the most solid and cutting edge accessories and ends available in the world, and with interchangeable threading, changing your style of body jewelry is a breeze.

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