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Customer Reviews of Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA with manufacturing in Mexico, Gorilla Glass manufactures artistically inspired body jewelry from borosilicate material that is odorless, transparent, and impermeable to create finished products that are hygienic, easy to clean and colorful. Although borosilicate is softer that some other glass mediums like Pyrex or quartz, borosilicate is more easily shaped and manipulated so more stylistic options are available with borosilicate than with Pyrex or quartz body jewelry. Borosilicate remains relatively non-porous, so body jewelry manufactured from this material is very biocompatible and piercing friendly. Gorilla Glass has mastered the production of many styles of body jewelry, ranging from standard plugs and talons through more complex custom designs such as their fishhooks and Borneo spirals.

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