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Customer Reviews of Glasswear Studios

Glasswear Studios
Manufacturing out of Ashland, OR, Glasswear Studios was created by expert glassblowers who transferred their artistic mastery of the glass medium to body jewelry in the late 1990s. Glasswear Studios specializes in the creation of body jewelry primarily from Pyrex and quartz, two very strong materials that have proven to be very biocompatible in body piercings. Clear medical grade Pyrex is completely non-porous. It is completely hypoallergenic and lead and barium free. It is an extremely strong glass. It maintains a comfortable temperature in extreme weather conditions and will not freeze or crack in fluctuating climates. Pyrex is an excellent alternative to acrylic or Lucite, both of which are made from petroleum products that can be absorbed into the skin. Pyrex comes in many colors, shapes and designs that you cannot get in steel, niobium, titanium or naturals. If you don't want to wear animal products for vegan reasons then glass is a great solution. Quartz is 99.95% silica and only available in clear. Quartz is even stronger and more pure than borosilicate glass as it has higher silica content. Glasswear Studios have revolutionized the body jewelry industry through their advancements in the Pyrex and Quartz mediums, and continually produce a new and evolving product line.

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