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Customer Reviews of Custom Steel

Custom Steel
Located on a Native American Indian reservation in Paguate, NM, Custom Steel has been producing body jewelry since the early 1990s, when body jewelry manufacturing was first entering the modern era. Although Custom Steel began producing standard styles of body jewelry such as rings and barbells, their product line quickly evolved into the innovative combination of conventional materials combined with the neo-Tribal basis for design that it reflects today. All Custom Steel body jewelry is custom machined to order with the strictest tolerances for shape and size and then hand finished to create a classic form of tribal jewelry with a contemporary attention to detail and surface finish. Although there are many knock-offs and copies of Custom Steel styles of body jewelry that are mass produced and sold for discounted prices, a side-by-side comparison with the original Custom Steel brand body jewelry will prove that no discount alternative is a true substitute for the real thing. Mass produced imports of native style body jewelry are made from molds, not specifically machined and carved from raw steel stock. These mass production methods result in degradation of shape, surface pitting, and deterioration of the ‘sharpness’ that is a characteristic of authentic Custom Steel jewelry. You will probably pay more for true Custom Steel jewelry, but if you care about shape, style and shine when it comes to your tribal body jewelry, the original Custom Steel is the brand for you.

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