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Customer Reviews of Kaos Softwear

Kaos Softwear
Centered in Phoenix, AZ, Kaos Softwear specializes in the production of silicone body jewelry, some of the world’s most flexible and comfortable plugs, flesh-tone hiders, and o-rings. Kaos Softwear has developed silicone-molding technology that produces extremely consistent pieces that maintain accuracy of shape and color. All jewelry manufactured by Kaos is constructed from implant grade silicone and is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, sizes and styles. The expert jewelry and mold-makers at Kaos Softwear continues to develop and revolutionize the body jewelry industry by introducing new and completely unique products that have never before been contemplated. Although Kaos Softwear designer body jewelry has been mimicked and discounted by overseas mass producers, there is no substitute for the consistency of form, color and style of the original, and all authentic Kaos Softwear plugs are branded with a minute ‘K’ molded into the backside of their design.

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